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The 10 Best Basketball Hoops for 2017 | BBallWorld

Best Basketball Hoops

Got basketball? Getting the right hoop can be a real game changer. Whether you’re nailing every free throw, driving it hard to the hoop or just goofing around in the driveway, you’ll want to get familiar with the best basketball hoops available today. We know it can be tough to choose basketball hoops. Especially if you’ve never done it […]

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Types of Materials for In-ground Basketball Hoops

Over the years, in-ground basketball hoops have evolved from the original basic wooden backboards to the now more sophisticated glass backboards. This means that when choosing the type of in-ground hoop to install; you will likely have a variety to choose from. The basic guidelines to consider when choosing are the available budget, desired durability, […]

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The Pros and Cons of Single Steel Pole Basketball Systems

Basketball systems come in two varieties: those which utilize multiple poles and those which feature a single steel pole. Single steel pole basketball systems are more expensive, harder to transport and more time consuming to install than their multi-piece counterparts, but the benefits of single pole systems far outweigh the disadvantages. After even a short […]

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How to install an In-ground basketball Hoop

When installing an in-ground basketball hoop, it’s important to plan and prepare. The primary intent is to determine the best location that you want to install your basketball hoop. You will also need to contact 811 or any other ground utility lines that will help you ensure that there is nothing below the soil surface […]

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The Better Option – Portable Hoops vs In-ground Hoops

There are two types of basketball hoops that can be purchased: In-ground hoops or portable hoops. In-ground hoops are hoops which have to be installed by digging a hole and permanently fitting the hoop system into the ground using concrete. These are more traditional kind of hoops, ones which NBA players use during their basketball […]

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Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball System Review

If you want a top of the line in-ground basketball system, then look no further than the Spalding “888” Series. This is the official hoop of the NBA and it’s the ultimate pick for players who are serious about hooping. You get everything you need in this ready-to-install system that includes you steel pole, glass backboard, […]

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Spalding H-Frame Basketball System Review

If you are looking for an in-ground basketball system that would be a top choice among the pros, then you definitely want to consider the Spalding H-Frame system. Spalding is well known as the official basketball supplier for the NBA and the WNA. Plus the backboards for the NBA and NCAA also come from Spalding. […]

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Goalsetter Captain In Ground Adjustable Basketball System Review

If you are looking for a mid-sized in-ground adjustable basketball system, then you will love the Goalsetter Captain System. With a six-inch square poll, it offers supreme stability with a mid-sized backboard option that works well for young aspiring athletes and serious ballers alike. When you want to bring the superior quality of a professional […]

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