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Top 10 Strength Exercises to Improve Your B Ball Game

b ball

Fundamental skills are important, but the best players put just as much emphasis on getting their bodies in top shape. No matter how talented they are, every b ball player needs to incorporate strength exercises into their training. Even the pros hit the weight room consistently. You can’t just do any workout, though — you […]

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Stephen Curry’s Top 5 Basketball Tips

basketball tips

The time for the NBA playoffs has arrived yet again. As we watch the Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors square off once more, some of us can’t help but wonder how we, too, can take our games to the next level. Fortunately for us, some of the best players have always been willing to […]

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10 Basketball Drills To Increase Jumping Ability

basketball drills

In the world of basketball, we all want to be like Mike. But there’s a not so little known secret to Michael Jordan’s success –  practice or training if you will. The greatest basketball player of our time spent hours upon hours practicing basketball drills to improve his vertical. Sure, genetics play a role in […]

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The Importance of Free Throw Drills

free throw drills

Struggling from the charity stripe? You aren’t alone. You can master foot speed and dribbling, but nothing is more important in your development as a team player than being effective at free throws. In contemporary times, the free throw has often been either a huge benefit to players or a huge disadvantage. Shaquille O’Neal was […]

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The Benefits of Wearing a Basketball Shooting Sleeve

shooting sleeve

There are two major components to upping your game on the hoops court. The first is completing the right training and the second is having the right equipment. In both cases, you don’t want to waste your time of your money. The latest fads for skills and gear won’t make you a better player and they […]

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Best Exercises to Increase Your Foot Speed

foot speed

Basketball players all know that great foot speed is the difference between explosive scoring and spending time on the pine. Unfortunately, benchwarmers don’t make history. You work, have the fundamentals down in your game, and still, you’re unsatisfied. The reason is simple. You want a first step like Kobe. Great speed means better scoring averages […]

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Best Basketball Drills to Improve Your Weak Hand

weak hand

One of the biggest gifts a basketball player can give to opposing teams is an underdeveloped weak hand. As soon as you step on the court, you’re saying to your defender: “Relax, you only need to defend me on one side.” Whether in moving the ball down the floor, or shooting the rock, with a […]

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The Analytics Tool That Studies Basketball Plays

basketball plays

You’ve probably heard of the movie Moneyball. The one where Brad Pitt plays the Oakland Athletics manager obsessed with statistics. If you run in baseball circles, you’ll also know that Moneyball tells the true story of manager Billy Beane and Ivy league grad Peter Brand. The two joined forces to bring baseball statistics to places never before imagined. They […]

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How to Jump Higher in Basketball

How to Jump Higher in Basketball

The Folkersystem VertShock System: Learn How to Jump Higher and Immediately Improve Your Basketball Game Training your body on how to jump higher is a great goal for every athlete to have. This is especially so for basketball, as so much of the game can depend on using height to your advantage. From high stature […]

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