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Top 10 Benefits of Joining a Community Basketball League

basketball league

Playing a sport isn’t just for school children and professional athletes. In fact, more people should play sports! Athletic leagues are about more than being active and winning games. Sport reinforces valuable life lessons, like working hard, working together, and overcoming challenges. You can learn all of this and more by playing basketball, but you’ll […]

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The Top Best 10 Health Benefits of Basketball

benefits of basketball

More than 3 million people watched the NBA finals in 2016. That number — the highest ratings the event has gotten in 18 years — shows that basketball continues to be at the peak of popularity. Of course, you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy playing basketball. Even at a recreational or school […]

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Top 10 Strength Exercises to Improve Your B Ball Game

b ball

Fundamental skills are important, but the best players put just as much emphasis on getting their bodies in top shape. No matter how talented they are, every b ball player needs to incorporate strength exercises into their training. Even the pros hit the weight room consistently. You can’t just do any workout, though — you […]

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Stephen Curry’s Top 5 Basketball Tips

basketball tips

The time for the NBA playoffs has arrived yet again. As we watch the Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors square off once more, some of us can’t help but wonder how we, too, can take our games to the next level. Fortunately for us, some of the best players have always been willing to […]

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10 Basketball Drills To Increase Jumping Ability

basketball drills

In the world of basketball, we all want to be like Mike. But there’s a not so little known secret to Michael Jordan’s success –  practice or training if you will. The greatest basketball player of our time spent hours upon hours practicing basketball drills to improve his vertical. Sure, genetics play a role in […]

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The Importance of Free Throw Drills

free throw drills

Struggling from the charity stripe? You aren’t alone. You can master foot speed and dribbling, but nothing is more important in your development as a team player than being effective at free throws. In contemporary times, the free throw has often been either a huge benefit to players or a huge disadvantage. Shaquille O’Neal was […]

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