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No, I’m not talking about tattoos. Basketball sleeves are a protective piece of clothing that starts at the wrists and ends at the shoulder.

They have become popular recently, after their start in 2001. You can find them being worn on the school yard and neighborhood courts everywhere.

College athletes, in particular, like them because they make great accessories to personalize their uniforms, both for indoor and outdoor play.

In addition, it has been estimated that approximately sixty percent of NBA players use basketball sleeves regularly.

Do I Need Basketball Sleeves?

But why do people need to wear them? Do they have a legit use beyond fashion?

Allen Iverson wore these tight tubes by recommendation of his trainer while he was on the Philadelphia 76ers. At the time people said that it looked like he was wearing white panty hose on his arm.

They could laugh all they wanted, Iverson scored fifty-one points that evening.

The reason the sleeve was so successful was it compressed his injured muscles. Compression is known to boost performance and reduce swelling caused by elbow injuries.

But it’s not just those that are injured who can benefit from compression sleeves.

Below I explore the best basketball sleeves on the market for a variety of different concerns. Continue reading to learn which product will work best for you.

1. Get Elastic

For a basic support that will improve your range of motion, the McDavid 512 Elastic Elbow Sleeve is unparalleled. It pulls on easily providing soft tissue support.

This brace is also ideal for those with neoprene allergies. If you experience any redness or itching with other braces, a neoprene allergy could be the culprit.

2. Be the Future

One of the coolest new technologies to emerge in the past decade was the 3D printer. In the same way those printers create objects, there are 3D printers that create fabric.

Can you imagine walking into a store, having your body scanned, and waiting while a perfectly measured garment is made before your eyes? With the technology available today, this is an eventuality, not a fantasy.

One of the first garments to be made using 3D-woven fabric is this basketball sleeve by UFlex Athletics.

Using high-quality materials, this sleeve offers four way stretching and is reported to stay in place. No one likes it when their sleeve starts to roll down in the middle of a game. It can be very distracting.

3. Try Copper

This compression elbow sleeve is comfortable and lightweight. The flexible design will provide gentle pressure to soothe your sore and tired muscles.

This sleeve has the most copper content available on the market. Copper is known to naturally eliminate odors and stifle the growth of harmful bacteria.

Note: This product contains only one sleeve, order two if you need a pair.

4. Cover All Your Bases

The Blitzu Power + Biceps Arm Brace Support can help you eliminate soreness and muscle fatigue to help you recover faster.

Its unisex design and 100% UV protection make it a solid choice for any athlete.

This basketball sleeve is available in four sizes ranging from ten inches in length to sixteen. It is flexible and will retain its shape through numerous washes.

5. Get the Whole Package

This 5-in-1 elbow sleeve package contains one pair of sleeves, one elbow wrap, and one elbow brace.

These pieces work together to give you a high-level compression support system.

The sleeves provide compression, while the wrap provides additional heat retention to keep your muscles warm. Adding the brace helps to reduce the pressure on your surrounding muscles caused by an injury.

This basketball sleeve is made for those with long arms. So be sure to consider the size chart before you order.

6. Provide Support

This compression elbow brace by Sidex is ideal for very active people.

The Nylon, Spandex and cotton blend is essential for UV protection. These materials make for a very solidly constructed product.

They can provide joint pain relief as well as provide support for people with elbow strains and other injuries.

7. Get Full Coverage

If you live in a cold weather climate it can be pretty miserable to play basketball outside for many months of the year.

With these full-length arm sleeves, you can keep playing nearly year round.

With almost five stars and nearly six hundred reviews, you can be sure this product performs as advertised.

8. Look Like a Pro

These compression recovery arm sleeves by 2XU are some of the best-rated sleeves on the market.

Just like the pro’s, these sleeves are made of eighty percent Nylon and twenty percent Lycra.

This combination does not offer as much sun protection as some others, but they have a seamless construction and provide exceptional moisture management.

They also have a graduated fit that will ensure they stay in place no matter how intense your game gets.

9. Save Your Skin

This UV protected sleeve claims to provide 99% protection from the harmful rays of the sun. They use a high tech 3D weaving design to create a near impervious barrier. This is a great option for those that love to play basketball outside.

They will also protect you from the scratches, abrasions, and blisters that come with outdoor basketball; and they offer advanced temperature regulation to help soothe your muscles and eliminate sweat.

10. Go Patriotic

This unisex option by B-Driven Sports is available in thirty-one different styles. They are made of polyester and feature flatlock seams for durability.

No reason to worry about rubbing shoulders with these basketball sleeves. They are made of a bacteria resistant fabric that will wick moisture away in an instant.

They provide between 8 and 12mmHg of compression, perfect for general wear. Compression has been proven to reduce swelling, shorten recovery time, and increase blood circulation.

Starting at $17.99, these sleeves are an inexpensive way to improve your performance.

A Final Note

No matter which of these basketball sleeves you select, your muscles will thank you.

Each sleeve is unique in its own way, but they all share some important qualities. They provide tissue support without heat retention so you can get back in the game.