Bballworld.com primary focus is to educate and train people of all ages the game of basketball. Let’s be honest,  the sport has evolved over time – from wearing short shorts, to afros, to fade away jumpers and to slashers. In recent years, we’ve noticed that the fundamentals of the sport has declined. A couple of NBA players (who we won’t name), can only do one thing which is drive to the basket and using their physical attributes. You might think “Well, it works so what’s the point of working on the fundamentals?” Sad to say, as you get older your body declines, which you’ll need to adjust your game. A lot of these players in today’s sport can’t adjust because they barely spent the time honing other parts of their craft. Bballworld is here to simply encourage you to make sure that you understand all elements of the sport, and to really just enjoy the game.