Basketball Compression Pants

Whether you are playing professionally, getting in a few games for a community sports team, or even just a good pick-up game, you want to have the best form possible and wear all the appropriate protection and gear. This is why compression pants have been gaining so much popularity in recent years. These pants offer a base layer that provides a wide range of different benefits to basketball players at every level of performance.

There has been a lot of research done into the merits and benefits of compression garments, including compression shorts, compression tights, compression leggings, compression sleeves, and other compression gear and the results are pretty conclusive: there are many benefits. In fact, there is so much positive news surrounding them that many professional basketball players in the NBA swear by them. Many people only learn about compression garments when they suffer some sort of injury and this technique is used as a part of the treatment method.

What has been learned, though, is that not only is compression therapy helpful for people trying to rehabilitate muscle injuries, it can also help reduce your risk of further injury if you continue to wear them beyond the course of your treatment. This decreased risk of injuring and damaging your muscles is reason enough to consider compression pants as part of your basketball attire. Research shows the compression pants can also reduce swelling and edema, which also means that it can help reduce muscle soreness, which is often caused by swelling and inflammation of the muscles.

It also seems that you improve your cardiac output when you wear compression pants. Users experience improved blood flow and muscle oxygenation. Users who use these during their regular workout routines feel like they had to push themselves less, and yet their performance generally improved. There is also a decreased risk of muscle injury and damage, along with an improved recovery time for people who have suffered injury.

What follows are some brief reviews on some of the best values when it comes to basketball compression pants. These are not, of course, the only quality options available; they are just our favorite in terms of performance and value.

Men’s Athletic Basketball Compression Pants, Quick-Drying

1Bests is a trusted and reputable maker of a wide range of athletic performance garments for runners, basketball players, and other fitness enthusiasts. Their Basketball Compression Pants are well made, built to last, and won’t break the bank in the process as you can get these high-quality compression pants for less than $20.

Available sizes run from small to XX-Large and you have your choice of six different colors. They provide a skinny, full-length fit that acts as a base layer or can even be worn on its own. The pants feature two-way air circulation which helps to keep the user cool during their workout by allowing the material to breathe.

DRSKIN Men’s Compression Dry Cool Sports Tights Baselayer

DRSKIN is another trusted and well-known maker of a range of performance sports garments for people who undertake any number of fitness-related activities Their Compression Dry Cool Sports Tights Baselayer is an incredibly well made, using heavy-duty, yet breathable material, to give you a comfortable feel that will also stand the test of time as well. At less than $20 per pair, this is an incredible value for professional quality compression pants.

They are available in sizes from small all the way up through XXXXX-Large, meaning that, large or small, you will be able to find a high-quality pair of compression pants that will fit perfectly. They are also available in your choice of 20 different colors and color combinations, letting you express your fashion sense as well. The pants are made from incredibly strong and durable materials that also happen to be lightweight and breathable, so they don’t weigh you down during your workout or leave you drenched in sweat.

DRSKIN ¾ Compression Tight Pants Base Under Layer

Another high-quality offering from the popular brand DRSKIN is their ¾ length compression pants. Compression pants most often come as full-length pants, which can be restrictive or unnecessary for the type of sport they play. That is why a lot of people swear by the ¾ length, especially for basketball players. The ¾ compression tight pats base under layer offered by DRSKIN is a lightweight, durable, high-quality blend of breathable fabric and is available for an amazing price of about $15.

This style is available in sizes from small through XXX-large and available in 20 different colors and color combinations. The fabric is breathable and non-abrasive, which gives it the elasticity needs to comfortably move with you. They also block out some 98.8% UV light.

CompressionZ Compression Pants for Men, Athletic Base Layer

CompressionZ is another up-and-coming maker of a wide range of performance garments for athletes of various stripes. They are known for their use of the highest-quality materials and their garments are always expertly stitched, meaning they will stand the test of time. They are known for their more high-end gear, and their compression pants for men are some of the best you can find on the market. They are an incredible value for their quality, running about $25 per pair.

The pants are available in your choice of four colors and are made in sizes small to XXX-large. They are made from soft, yet durable stretch fabric that allows it to move with you. It also features quick-dry design to wick moisture away from the body.

Compression pants provide a wide range of benefits to basketball players. They help reduce your risk of muscle injury, shorten the duration of recovery time in the event that you do get injured, and they also allow you to get more out of your workout efforts through improved blood flow and muscle oxygenation. Whether you choose one of the pairs we briefly reviewed here or use this as a starting point, we know you’ll be happy to have tried compression pants, especially when you see your performance improved.