The Bball Players of the Last Ten Years

Some experts say that the NBA will soon overtake the NFL in global popularity. A lot of that success can be attributed to the players on the court.

Over the past ten years, we have been fortunate to witness many all-time great talents battle it out for the NBA championship year in and year out. The future is looking bright for the NBA with some talented rookies and solid veterans that are working hard to stay at the top of their game.

It’s important to reflect on which players are responsible for the NBA’s surge in popularity in recent times. Here are the top ten bball players of the last ten years.

10. Blake Griffin

Starting off our list we have Blake Griffin, an all-around monster on the court with a stunning physical presence. Everyone knows about Griffin’s powerful physical abilities that he displays with his strong dunks and physical play.

What has earned him his five All-Star appearances may be his technical ability, though. On top of being a strong physical presence, Blake Griffin also has the passing and shooting ability to compete with the very best in the game.

9. James Harden

Originally part of the Oklahoma City Thunder team that also included Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, James Harden has been amongst the most dominant scorers in the NBA since his debut in 2009.

Though his defense leaves much to be desired, Harden has shown that he is an elite shooting guard. He can score from basically anywhere on the court with various different shots. He has become the heart of the Houston Astros and has made them a consistent contender in recent years.

8. Russell Westbrook

Since being drafted by the Seattle Sonics (now the Oklahoma City Thunder), Russ has been a dominant point guard in the league. Though his original partnership with Kevin Durant is now gone, Westbrook has been able to take on the leadership role on the team.

With one NBA MVP to his name and seven All-Star honors, Westbrook has been one of the ball players on paper. Time will only tell if he will be able to earn a championship for Oklahoma City to truly cement his legacy as one of the franchise’s most memorable players.

7. Dirk Nowitzki

With a career that has almost spanned four decades and shows very little signs of stopping, the German wunderkid Dirk Nowitzki has been the heart of the Mavericks. From his NBA finals upset of the 2011 Heat to his 13 All-Star appearances, Nowitzki has only gotten better with age.

His efficient shooting has made him one of the most consistent NBA players of recent times and his ability to make big plays when Dallas needs it most has made him a fan favorite.

6. Tim Duncan

A five-time NBA champion and the true leader of the Spurs teams that Greg Popovich has coached, Tim Duncan is our first retiree on this list. Though some of his better years were in the early 2000s, his big-man ability and his 2014 championship give him a deserved spot on this list.

Always a stickler for the fundamentals, Tim Duncan is a memorable and underrated NBA star. With three MVP awards to his name, his introduction to the Hall of Fame is basically a formality at this point.

5. Dwayne Wade

The “Flash” is amongst the most beloved athletes that Miami has ever had. At his prime, he was one of the most dominant guards in NBA history. His ability to change pace and direct play was unprecedented, and he was one of the leaders in Miami’s championship 2005, 2012, and 2013 seasons.

Though he has changed teams recently with little success, his return to Miami has shown a lot of promise. Though he is well past the moment of his career, Dwayne Wade is still an influential player with a lot to offer any team that he plays for.

4. Stephen Curry

The trendiest player of the NBA today, Stephen Curry is one of the most prolific shooters the NBA has ever seen. Dangerous from any point on the court (and even off the court, as we have seen in warm-ups), Curry has been instrumental in the Golden State Warrior’s recent success.

Though he is not necessarily an all-time great like Kobe or Michael Jordan just yet, he has definitely been one of the ball players over the past ten years. Many would argue he is not far away from being amongst the very best of all time.

3. Kobe Bryant

Though he retired two seasons ago, Kobe’s legacy will impact the league for the rest of its history. Arguably one of the greatest guards to ever play the game, Kobe was dominant in every aspect, from his shooting to his intensity in the way he played the game.

Kobe Bryant is also a powerful ambassador for the game on the international stage. With a popularity level comparable to Michael Jordan, Kobe will forever be remembered for his five titles and his desire to achieve greatness.

2. Kevin Durant

Though his reputation may have taken a hit when he left the Thunder, no one can deny Kevin Durant’s talent. His ability as a small forward earned him an MVP award in 2014 and made him a leader of the Warriors team that won a championship in 2017.

Recently, KD’s all-around talent has had many arguing he is the best NBA player today. With the numbers he is putting up and the talent he is showing off, few would argue against that.

1. LeBron James

LeBron’s greatness can be matched by only the GOAT himself, and some have even argued that LeBron has overtaken Michael Jordan as the eternal face of the NBA. Whether you agree or not, there’s no denying Lebron has been the best NBA player of the last decade.

With seven straight NBA finals appearances and three to his name, LeBron has been the savior that Cleveland was looking for, and he delivered with a championship in 2016. His all-around talent is up there with the best, and his marketability has only made him, and the NBA, even greater.

Are These The BBall Players of the Decade?

Do you agree with our list, or do you think names like Chris Bosh and Steve Nash should be in consideration for bball players of the past decade?

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