Goalrilla GS In-Ground Basketball Anchor System with Tempered Glass Backboard Review

If you’re looking for the best in ground basketball system, you’re going to be hard pressed to find something superior to the Goalrilla GS Glass Backboard. This is a perfect choice for both beginning players and experienced ballers with durable construction, adjustable height settings, and ultimate stability. Let’s take a closer look at the features that sets this hoop apart from competitors.

Construction, Durability, and Features

When you buy an in ground court, it’s really an investment. You want something that will last for years to come and provide many hours of practice time without breaking down or falling apart. The Goalrilla basketball hoop is built to last with welded construction, powder coated parts, and corrosion resistant hardware. The backboard is made from tempered glass, similar to what you would find on a pro court so it can hold up to even the most skilled slam dunks even after years of use.

This glass backboard hoop can grow with your player thanks to adjustable height settings. As your kids grow up, the goal height can grow with them. Best of all, this hoop is designed to hold up to even the toughest weather conditions. From intense rain to high wind or even drifts of snow, this basketball goal will still be standing when the bad weather subsides.

Design and Safety

With a classic design, this hoop was created for long-lasting durability. It comes with an anchor bolt mounting system so it’s easy to install and adjust to the appropriate height. Another fantastic feature is portability! This basketball court can actually be transported if you ever end up moving to a new home. This is a rare and welcome feature in the in-ground basketball system category.

The backboard is made from professionally tempered glass and measures 3/8 inches thick so it can withstand a lot of abuse. The backboard measures 60 by 38 inches which is large compared to most hoops. The pole is made from steel and measures six inches across. Mimicing a professional design, the Goalrilla has a three foot overhang so it’s perfect for practicing your slam dunks and lay ups no matter where you install it.


Installing the Goalrilla GS

The goalrilla basketball hoop installation is one of the biggest concerns. Anytime you plan to install an in-ground system, it can be discouraging, but Goalrilla provides everything you need to be successful including step-by-step instructions. The Goalrilla has an anchor bolt mounting system, which allows you to bolt it into your concrete. The kit includes steel rebar rods to insure a strong mount. Once you bolt the system into place, you’re almost there. Just attach the pre-assembled pro-style flex rim and you’re ready to play.

User Experiences

The Goalrilla basketball System has received a lot of great reviews. Buyers love that it’s easy to adjust and it’s obviously built to last with heavy duty construction. Players often praise this hoop because there is very little vibration after shooting. They also like that there is plenty of clearance between the rim and the pole so you can safely practice dunking without worrying about injuries.

Additional Features

This system includes a pro-style breakaway rim that flexes with the player. This allows you to dunk without worrying that you could break the rim or injure your system. There is also a limited lifetime warranty including the glass that you receive automatically when you purchase this in-ground system.


  • Professional quality tempered glass
  • Square base provides more stability
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Powerful rebound
  • High level hoop
  • Adjustable heights
  • Portable
  • Easy installation


  • Installation is easy, but time consuming
  • More expensive than other in-ground systems
  • Large system that takes up a lot of space


Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Goalrilla GS In-Ground Basketball System is a smart choice if you are a professional athlete or have big dreams of achieving pro status. While it’s definitely on the expensive side for an in-ground system, you get what you pay for and it offers the quality that you won’t find with a cheaper option.