How to Jump Higher in Basketball

The Folkersystem VertShock System: Learn How to Jump Higher and Immediately Improve Your Basketball Game

Training your body on how to jump higher is a great goal for every athlete to have. This is especially so for basketball, as so much of the game can depend on using height to your advantage. From high stature to short stature, each and every basketball player can see vast improvements in the quality and performance of their personal basketball game by learning how to jump higher.

The Folkersystem VertShock program is one of the premiere physical fitness routines that has emerged within the past few years, promising to improve vertical jump by impressive 9-15 inches.

For those wondering exactly how this system works, this review will take an in-depth look at the VertShock system, discussing each and every component of how it can help basketball players effectively learn how to jump higher.

Why is Jumping Higher So Beneficial?

Before looking into the VertShock system, let’s look at the ways learning how to jump higher can improve overall athletic performance on the court. Basketball is a game that can often be won or lost by jumping height. Being tall certainly comes with its own set of natural advantages, though jumping is not necessarily one of them.

For those who are naturally gifted, improving vertical jump distance can help maximize the natural benefits that come along with being tall. For those who are shorter in stature, learning how to jump higher can open up ability and competition to new levels.

Of course, learning how to jump higher is typically associated with learning how to dunk. In fact, being able to dunk puts a basketball player at a huge advantage on the court, no matter what height. Still, there is a broad range of benefits that can come from learning how to jump higher, aside from dunking.

Whether you are looking to train for a dunking contest or looking to improve your overall basketball game, training your body how to jump higher has the following benefits:

  • Get more rebounds

Learning how to jump higher will put you closer to the backboard, which will allow for quicker access to balls rebounding off the glass or the rim. Consider how many opportunities for rebounds have been missed, simply due to one player being able to jump a few inches higher and quicker than another. Increasing your vertical jump can give you an extra defensive and offensive edge when considering rebounds.

  • Get more blocks

No matter what height you are, blocking shots is an essential skill to shut down your opponent’s offensive game. Think about how many 3-point shots could be blocked if shooting guards were able to jump higher and block the shot before it ever leaves their fingertips. Learning how to jump higher can improve the likelihood of blocking shots before they reach the net.

  • Get more steals

While learning how to jump higher may not help for quick, aggressive bounce-passes, it can certainly come in handy with high lobs across the court. Training your body on how to jump higher—and quicker—can allow you to snatch high passes right out of the air.

  • Increase scoring percentage

This is certainly a huge benefit of increasing your vertical jump. Not only will you be able to dunk the ball—a nearly unstoppable scoring method—but you will also open up additional possibilities as well. Consider how many scoring opportunities are missed when a shot deflects off the backboard, barely missing the rim. Learning how to jump higher can enable you to jump up and tap the basketball right back into the rim.

Similarly, players who can shoot with a higher vertical jump are typically much less likely to get their shots blocked. This applies just as much to shots taken inside the paint as well as from outside. By learning how to jump higher, you can find many ways to make yourself into a true offensive force.

  • Increase confidence

Confidence is key when out on the court. Whether you are dribbling the ball, guarding your opponent, faking a pass, or driving to the basket, the chances are that you will be less successful if you don’t make each and every move with confidence. Improving your vertical jump will allow for increased ability, speed, and flexibility. Honing these athletic skills will improve overall confidence, particularly once you start experiencing results.

The physical process of training muscles on how to jump higher can create additional benefits, such as the possibility for scholarships or contracts, increased time on the court, improved lateral speed, explosive power, and quicker reaction times.

No matter how you choose to look at it, basketball is a game that is best played when using height to your advantage. Of course, this doesn’t mean simply using physical height. This also means using vertical jump as a tool to improve and enhance both your defensive and offensive game.

Maximizing vertical jump distance is a phenomenal way to use height to your advantage. The VertShock program is designed to help each and every basketball player live up to their full potential through learning how to jump higher.

What is the Folkersystem VertShock Program?

The VertShock program is the brainchild of two elite figures in the basketball industry: Adam Folker, professional basketball player and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington, the world’s highest dunker.

Folker and Darlington recognized a need for an effective, results-driven program to teach athletes how to jump higher. They used decades of personal experience, research, and exercise science to create a precise formula to improving vertical jump. The result is an 8-week program that promises to improve vertical jump height by 9-15 inches.

There are a few key elements that contribute to the basic structure of the program:

  • Explosive plyometric training

This training system targets specific muscle groups in order to shock the central nervous system, initiating higher and faster jumps. Instead of weight lifting, the program is structured around a series of exercises where muscles exert maximum force in short time intervals using body weight.

  • Targeting “super fibers”

Effectively developing and training fast twitch muscle fibers is the key to learning how to jump higher. A lesser-known fact is that there is a small subset of fast twitch muscle fibers, called Type II B fibers. These are what Folker calls “super fibers.” Effectively targeting this subset can produce accelerated and exponential results in learning how to jump higher.

At its core, the VertShock program delivers results through targeting Type II B fibers. Exercise routines are structured not to overwork or overstrain muscles, but to provide maximum results with minimal stress.

  • Constant access

Training materials are available online, meaning that these exercises are always accessible. The VertShock program can be easily completed at your convenience. Upon purchase, the included materials range between videos, checklists, and PDF files, all structured for easy comprehension.

How Does the VertShock Program Work?

In order to teach athletes how to jump higher, the VertShock program is split into three different phases. In total, the program is designed to be completed within eight weeks. These phases are:

  • Pre-Shock Phase

This is the first segment of the program, intended to cover the first seven days. During this phase, vertical jump should increase by 3-5 inches. As the initial segment, the Pre-Shock Phase is specifically designed to train and prepare your body for the following phases.

  • Shock Phase

This phase is the longest segment of the program, designed to last for six weeks. During this period, exercises are designed to “shock” the nervous system into breaking barriers and allowing your body to learn how to jump higher than ever.

  • Post-Shock Phase

After training your body on how to jump higher for the past seven weeks, this final phase takes a full week to recover. It also works to convert all of the skills that your body has honed into muscle memory, cementing your ability to experience a higher vertical jump, each and every time.

What do You Get with the VertShock Program?

The VertShock program comes with an array of various training materials designed to help facilitate and support athletes who want to learn how to jump higher. Included with purchase is digital access to:

  • Quick Start Guide

A brief overview of how to get going quickly

  • Pre-Shock Phase Workout Plan

Exercises to begin your first seven days on the program

  • Shock Phase Workout Plan

The bulk of the program itself, with training plans for a full six weeks

  • Post-Shock Phase Workout Plan

This helps turn skills into muscle memory, permanently improving vertical jump

  • Step-by-Step Exercise Videos

These videos will provide expert demonstration so each exercise can be completed safely and effectively

  • Vert Tracker

This allows for you to easily and accurately keep track of your gained inches


Without a doubt, the best way for anyone to use height to the fullest is to improve upon their jumping height and speed. Not only will learning how to jump higher improve your personal basketball game, but it will also enhance overall athleticism and capability. The Folkersystem VertShock program pulls from a wide range of experience and proven exercise science to create efficient and remarkable results.

Those looking to learn how to jump higher need to look no further than the VertShock program. Not only is it safe and easily accessible, but it is a results-driven, fully effective way for any athlete to improve their overall vertical jump, enhancing and improving both individual and team performance.