Jumpsoles for Basketball Training

Basketball is a great way to keep fit, have fun, and stay social. It’s a fast-paced game that involves five basic skills: dribbling, passing, shooting, running and jumping. But, while that sounds easy enough on the surface, become a great

basketball player takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Even if you’re not looking to be the next top NBA player, one thing that most basketball players do want is to play that they can. And while it’s easy enough to work on your dribbling, running, passing, and shooting, you may be wondering how you can improve your jumping to get you to jump higher. Well, one way is through the use of Jumpsoles.

What are Jumpsoles?

While some people are born to jump well, others need a little help, and that’s where the idea for Jumpsoles came about. Jumpsoles have been around since the ‘90s and are designed to help people increase their vertical leap. They basically consist of weighted platforms that attach to the user’s shoes. And the way in which Jumpsoles have been designed makes it impossible for the person wearing them to touch their heel to the ground. This increases the workload of the calf muscles considerably, developing muscles as a result. Jumpsoles also stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon giving the user an increase in overall leg power.

Types of Jumpsoles :

The New JumpSoles Speed & Jump Training System

Standard: These are one of the world’s most popular plyometrics training platforms on offer and are the original Jumpsoles. Weighing in at around 5 lbs, these platforms will work your calf muscles like never before. If used correctly, the manufacturer claims that these platforms can help to increase your vertical jump by as much as 10 inches. It also claims to make your 40 yd dash time much quicker too. The makers of Jumpsoles are that confident in their product and program that if you don’t get the kind of gains they say you will within one year they will happily give you your money back. The package comes complete with a DVD training program.

Sizes available
Men’s 5–7, Women’s 6–8 (Small);
Men’s 8–10, Women’s 9–12 (Medium); 
Men’s 11–14 (Large); Men’s 15–20 (X-Large)

Jumpsoles Deluxe with Advanced Proprioceptors

Proprioceptor: For anyone looking for a little more than what the standard package has to offer, it may be worth considering the proprioceptor system. With this package, not only do you get the Jumpsoles and DVD training program, but you also get proprioceptor rocker bottom plugins and an additional dedicated DVD training program to go alongside. With these added to the bottom of your Jumpsoles, the manufacturers claim you can gain a further three inches in your vertical jump. These proprioceptors work by specifically targeting your metatarsophalangeal (MTP) muscle flexor (toe flexor muscles) helping to improve both your speed and jumping ability.
Sizes available:
Men’s 5–7, Women’s 6–8 (Small);
Men’s 8–10, Women’s 9–12 (Medium);
Men’s 11–14 (Large);
Men’s 15–20 (X-Large)

Jump 99 Strength Plyometric Training Shoes

Strength shoes: Although these aren’t technically Jumpsoles, they do work in a very similar way to achieve the same results. So, for that reason, we felt it appropriate to include them in this review. As well as being just as effective as Jumpsoles, they’re also a very similar price. The main difference between Jumpsoles and strength shoes are the way in which they’re worn. Jumpsoles are training aids that are attached to the user’s shoe, whereas strength shoes have the training mechanisms already built in. Strength shoes work by placing all the wearer’s weight into the calves. This not only strengthens the calves but the Achilles too and results can be seen almost instantaneously.
Sizes available: 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, and 13.

The 8-Week Jumpsole Training Program

Once you’ve decided on the right kind of Jumpsoles for you, it’s time to get started on improving your jump. The 8-week Jumpsole training program has been carefully developed to help you do just that. By incorporating a whole range of plyometric exercises into an extensive training program, users not only get the benefit of the shoes themselves, but they also reap the rewards from the exercises too. These plyometric exercises have been specially designed to increase your vertical jump and claim to have the participant running faster, jumping higher, and changing direction quicker than ever before. The program has been designed in a way that gradually increases in intensity to give your body a chance to adapt. For a full copy of the Jumpsoles Training Program, click here.

Are there any downsides to using Jumpsoles? 

There are no real downsides to using Jumpsoles. In fact, they’re used by thousands of athletes and professional sports organizations all around the world. The only thing the manufacturers do advise is that Jumpsoles should only be used for those with at least a size 5 shoe and who are aged over 12. Jumpsoles are more than just a training aid. They encourage the user to not only jump differently but think differently too. And this is something that can be done at any age. Another thing to be aware of is like anything, if you don’t put your skills into practice regularly, they will diminish over time. To stop this from happening, be sure to train with your Jumpsoles at least a couple of times a month in order to maintain that consistency.

We hope you found the above information useful and now know a little more about what Jumpsoles are and how they can help you improve your skills. Many top basketball players enjoy the benefits of using Jumpsoles. At the end of the day, if your body is capable of jumping an extra 5 or 10 inches, then why limit yourself? For a relatively small investment, you could significantly improve your gameplay and fitness levels swiftly through the aid of Jumpsoles or strength shoes. So, what are you waiting for?  Go get your next pair today.