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Top Basketball Games of 2017: A Year in Review

What do you remember about the NBA in 2017? There was no shortage of memorable storylines from this jam-packed season. The Warriors defended their title against a loaded Cleveland Cavaliers team in the league’s finest rivalry. There were also record-breaking performances, blockbuster trades, and epic buzzer beaters. Let’s take a look at some of the […]

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What’s New and Changing in the World of Basketball Rules

Every springtime, basketball fever hits. First comes March Madness and then the NBA finals. But to the seasoned player basketball doesn’t start with a season and end in the finals. It’s year a year round obsession. And if you want to get better, you can’t hang up your shorts in the summer and wait until […]

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Which NBA Record Was Better? The Warriors or The Bulls?

As the saying goes, “records are meant to be broken.” This year,  the Golden State Warriors did just that, eclipsing the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record for most team wins of 72 in a single season. Now, this is a terrific feat and congratulations to the Warriors, who won 73 games, but is it a better […]

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An NBA Legacy Comes to an End

As his career winds down, let’s take a look at Kobe’s overall career. 2016 marks his 20th year of NBA competition, and he has announced his plans for retirement this year after developing quite the reputation for himself. Despite his recent setbacks, Bryant has solidified his status as one of the strongest and iconic NBA […]

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