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The Pros and Cons of Single Steel Pole Basketball Systems

Basketball systems come in two varieties: those which utilize multiple poles and those which feature a single steel pole. Single steel pole basketball systems are more expensive, harder to transport and more time consuming to install than their multi-piece counterparts, but the benefits of single pole systems far outweigh the disadvantages.

After even a short amount of use, multi-piece systems may become unstable while a correctly installed single steel pole basketball hoop will last for years. Remember that single steel pole systems must either be permanently cemented into the ground or semi-permanently bolted into a cement base. While these installation methods take more time and effort than installing a multi-piece unit, the result is a system that is much stronger. As such, single steel pole basketball systems stand up to much more wear and tear over the long term than multi-piece systems. Moreover, largely because of the installation method and the lack of multiple parts, single steel pole basketball nets vibrate much less than multi-piece hoops.

One should also remember that a basketball system with more parts means a greater likelihood that one of those parts may break down. Multi-piece basketball systems are prone to rust at the joints, which can compromise the integrity of the entire unit. With a single steel pole, this problem is altogether eliminated. Furthermore, if space is an issue, a single steel pole basketball system is preferred given that multi-piece units are considerably larger.

Finally, it should be noted that many consumers opt for a multi-piece system because they believe that single steel pole basketball nets are not adjustable. This is a common misconception, and there are many single steel pole basketball systems available that allow for the user to adjust the height of the basket, ensuring hours of fun for children and adults alike.