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Few things can make or break your basketball game more than the shoes you chose to lace up with.

Basketball shoes aren’t just about making you look fly. The right shoes provide essential ankle support, prevent injuries and improve your technique.

However, in a market that is flooded with signature lines from most of the current crop of top players, you can get exhausted just trying to choose the right shoes!

The LeBron, Kyrie, Curry, Kevin Durant, and James Harden series form the top five best selling basketball shoes on the market. However, there are some outstanding no-name options as well.

What Gets a Shoe on the Top 10 Basketball Shoes List?

For any shoe to feature on this list, it has to offer incredible on-court performance.

Outside of performance, the shoes are assessed on the materials used and build quality. Fit and cushioning are also important, as well as ankle support.

Read on to find our recommendations for the top 10 basketball shoes of 2021.

1. Nike LeBron XIV

It’s hard to argue that the signature line of perhaps the greatest player of all time will not work for you.

The LeBron 14s are lightweight, with Flywire technology for maximum breathability. They also feature Nike’s Airpod technology for heightened comfort.

Given who they’re named after, it should come as no surprise that these shoes are best for big, dominant players who move explosively.

2. Nike LeBron Soldier XI

The second offering in the Nike LeBron series is no less impressive and comes with a more affordable price tag.

The LeBron Soldier 11s feature the velcro strap to offer complete ankle stability. That stability is just what you need when you’re making explosive dunks and layups.

However, some people don’t care for the looks of the velcro strap. You’ll have to decide for yourself if the ankle support and the aesthetics work for you.

3. Nike Kyrie 3

Kyrie Irving’s signature line of sneakers is one of the best selling in the entire league. They’re especially favored by the streetball crowd. And for a good reason.

The Kyrie 3s work best for players who are quick on their feet and like to change direction at a whim.

They’re lightweight and still manage to offer enough ankle protection to prevent all those quick turns from ruining your ankle.

4. Nike KDX

These sneakers are as versatile as the player they’re named after.

The Nike KDX line is neither hightop nor low-top, and so it’s a good shoe for those looking to transition from one style to the other.

However, they’re a very polarizing pair. People either love them, thinking they’re the best shoes ever, or they hate them. You want to try these shoes on before you buy them.

The shoes are designed for people with thinner feet, so those of you with wide feet should look elsewhere.

5. Under Armour Curry 3

The shoes that grace the feet of two-time MVP Stephen Curry are best suited to players who emulate his style of play. Smaller players who are light on their feet and make quick changes in direction will enjoy this shoe the most.

The shoes fit well, and their performance on the court is razor sharp.

However, the cushioning on these shoes is minimal. The UA Curry 3s are meant for players who know how to move and handle their weight.

If you can jump right, you’ll be fine in these shoes. However, if you don’t use proper technique, these kicks can be quite jarring.

6. Adidas Harden Vol. 1

The Harden Vol. 1 shoes are a low-top line, but their performance on the court is fantastic. Low top sneakers offer more flexibility, but at the cost of ankle support, so they’re not for everyone.

They’re meant to mimic the way James Harden moves, so you have a shoe that generates a lot of traction for quick changes in direction. These are a great choice for players who play guard positions.

The materials, fit, support, and cushion are all top-notch.

7. Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017

Adidas’s Crazy Explosive 2017 is one of only two shoes in our list of the top 10 basketball shoes that don’t belong to a major player’s signature line.

The CE 2017 has unbelievable levels of traction because of the special patterning on the sole. However, it wears out quicker than most, so you’ll have to keep checking your kicks from time to time.

However, for indoor courts, these shoes probably offer the best traction and grip of all time. The fit on them is fantastic, and the support is superb as well. They also feature Adidas’s boost cushioning.

If you’re looking for a long-term, durable pair, you may want to look elsewhere. But if it’s performance you’re after, you’ll be delighted with this pair.

8. Nike Air Jordan XXXII

No list of top 10 basketball shoes is complete without a showing from Air Jordan. There’s a reason that this shoe is on its 32nd iteration.

The Air Jordan brand of shoes are iconic, and their annual sales are eight times higher than those of LeBron James, who has the top signature line at Nike.

The Air Jordan 32 is a fantastic looking shoe, and that’s only half the story. They’re excellent on the court as well. The shoes have excellent traction, good cushion, excellent support, and the build quality is top notch.

9. Nike Kobe AD Mid

The Nike Kobe AD Mid is another shoe that is well suited for guards. It has fantastic traction on the court, and the cushion is top notch. It also offers excellent support for a mid-top sneaker.

However, for a signature line series, the materials aren’t the best. The ventilation on these shoes is also less than stellar, so expect to feel uncomfortable after a while.

10. Nike Hyperdunk 2017

Rounding off our list of the top 10 basketball shoes is the second non-signature series pair, this one from Nike. While the Hyperdunk 2017 doesn’t carry a big baller name, this shoe is a beast on the court.

The traction that this shoe offers is amongst the best in the business. For players who value ‘responsiveness’ and ‘court feel,’ there is no better shoe. Unfortunately, all that grip comes at a price.

The Hyperdunk 2017 isn’t the most comfortable shoe out there, and cushioning isn’t its strong suit. That can be fixed with a separate insole, but don’t expect comfort out of the box.

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