Top 10 Benefits of Joining a Community Basketball League

Playing a sport isn’t just for school children and professional athletes.

In fact, more people should play sports!

Athletic leagues are about more than being active and winning games. Sport reinforces valuable life lessons, like working hard, working together, and overcoming challenges.

You can learn all of this and more by playing basketball, but you’ll enjoy yourself much more if you play with a group than if you just shoot hoops alone.

Not convinced?

Here are ten reasons to ditch your driveway basketball set and join a community basketball league.

1. Pick Up a New Hobby

If you’ve never played basketball before, this is your chance to learn!

Most community leagues are patient with first-timers, just be honest about your playing level. You’ll find many people are willing to help you learn, and some will even run drills to help you improve faster.

Before you know it, you’ll be playing like a local pro in no time.

2. Get Back in the Game

Think you already had your basketball glory days? If so, it’s time to dust off your old basketball shoes and get back on the court.

A basketball league can help you find your love for the game all over again. Maybe you stopped playing after college or due to an injury. Maybe you had a family or got a job and life got in the way.

Whatever the reason, chances are, the excuse isn’t valid anymore. Pick up a basketball again and see for yourself that you’ve still got it.

3. Improve Your Workout Routine

Feeling the rush of dribbling up and down the court is one thing.

Feeling the changes in your body is another.

When you join a basketball league, you become significantly more active. It doesn’t matter if you’re already a gym-goer or if you haven’t worked out in years – your body will feel the difference for the better.

Of course, such variations in activity will have an effect on how well you play at first.

But, over time, the more you play the more your health improves.

4. Improve Your Athleticism

Maybe you already have a passion for another sport or you like your gym routine as-is.

If so, you should still consider picking up basketball.

Basketball helps you focus on things like agility, strength, and endurance. These are physical aspects you can use in many active situations.

Playing basketball might result in better foot speed to boost mile times on your morning runs. Or, it could build up your stamina to take on longer, more challenging outdoor excursions like hiking or rock climbing.

5. Make New Friends

Beyond improving various things about your body, a basketball league can expand your social network.

This is incredibly valuable if you just moved to a new town.

Sure, you’ll make friends at work or in school. But, a community league allows you to tap into a group of people outside of your day-to-day activities.

Such connections diversify your social life. They keep things interesting, and if anything, add to the guest list when you plan a house-warming party.

6. Make Basketball Friends

Making new friends isn’t always beneficial when you’re the new guy in town. Maybe you just need to connect with people who are as passionate about basketball as you are.

A community basketball league is a perfect place to find such individuals.

These are people you can talk smack and get together to watch games with. Plus, when March Madness rolls around, you’ll actually have some competition in your bracket.

7. Connect with Your Kids

Sometimes, the benefit of basketball league connections isn’t about the strangers you meet.

It’s about the people you bring to play with you.

If your kid loves playing basketball with his/her friends, or if you’re looking for a new way to bond, try going to league games together.

This helps you establish a hobby the two of you can enjoy. Such an activity is something you’ll both appreciate in the future. It creates strong memories and a sense of understanding that lasts long after the buzzer sounds.

8. Indulge Your Competitive Side

Another reason to look into local basketball leagues is the thrill of the competition.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little competitive. But, you may not have an outlet in which to express that side of you right now.

Playing a couple games of basketball on a regular basis can change that.

It helps you release adrenaline and feel accomplished, all while enjoying yourself and being a little active, too.

9. Relieve Stress

Whether you’re competitive or not, chances are, you’re probably a little stressed.

Stress creeps into your life in the form of pressures at work, family obligations, financial responsibility, and more.

However it appears, basketball can help you take it on.

Sure, winning a few games won’t lower your debt or fix your relationship issues. But, it helps you approach these situations with a clear head after the game is over.

When you get out on the court, you have to focus on the plays.

You can’t afford to worry about what is stressing you out. This gives your mind the break it needs to better understand your stress later.

10. For the Love of the Game

At the end of the day, there’s no better reason to play in a basketball league than to just play!

The thrill of playing basketball is like a drug. The game is fast-paced, challenging, and, put simply, a load of fun. There’s nothing like getting out there with some of your closest friends to take on another team.

It’s not about the score or the calories burned. The true love of basketball is encouraged by the way the ball feels when you dribble and the rush of making a 3-pointer before the buzzer blows.

Joining a Community Basketball League

Understanding the benefits of a community basketball league is, in theory, not the same as feeling them for yourself.

It’s time to get back out there and experience everything the game has to offer.

Would you rather train a bit before you jump into a local pickup game?

Understandable – click here to find the best basketball drills for you!