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Maybe you’ve just read our how to shoot a basketball 101 or you’ve had the moves down for years. Either way, you’re ready to step up your shooting game.

The best way to do that is through repetition. Repetition not only trains your body, but it trains your brain as well.

Not everyone has a team standing by to consistently catch balls and throw them back for you to shoot. This is why a return system is perfect for individual players who really want to improve their shooting in less time.

Here are the top seven basketball return systems to help you chose the perfect one for you.

1. iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

The iC3 Basketball Shot trainer by Airborne Athletics is easily the best basketball return system on the market for many reasons.

The iC3 incorporates both a guard net and a ball kick-out system, increasing accuracy and reps.

The net motivates a perfect arch to keep from flat shooting. The return system under the net is adjustable, so you can practice shooting from any spot. The best part– you’ll be averaging a whopping 16 shots a minute with this bad boy.

Other great aspects of the iC3 are durability and versatility. The frame is made of steel (unlike most plastic returners) and can fit on any type of backboard.

The price tag is a little on the higher end, but the features, strength, and effectiveness of this product make it worth every penny.

2. SKLZ Rapid Fire II

You’ll be seeing the SKLZ brand a lot on this list because they know what they’re doing when it comes to basketball products.

The SKLZ Rapid Fire II is a basketball return system that utilizes a net only. The long length of the net makes it great for working on longer shots.

The swivel arms and net can be adjusted easily to allow practice at any angle. The net is also designed to withstand outdoor weather.

The price is significantly cheaper than the iC3 and still provides quality and results. However, it is important to note that the Rapid Fire II rebounder can only be used on metal basketball frames (no plastics).

3. Rolbak Net Gold

Another net basketball return system, the Rolbak Net Gold has some great advantages.

The net doesn’t reach out nearly as far as the SKLZ Rapid Fire II, so it allows you to practice closer shots like those oh-so-important free throws. It can also be adjusted easily to provide shooting from any direction.

One thing that sets this return system apart is it’s weighted bags. Where most use sand, the Rolbak Net Gold uses water.

Oh, and let’s not forget the biggest benefit of choosing this product: It comes with a 90-day money back guarantee!

4. Goaliath B2608W

The Goaliath B2608W is highly similar to the Rolbak Net Gold in design and features. The net reaches 23″ and allows for both short and long shots.

The net is probably the easiest to assemble on the market, so it’s perfect for children. Unlike the Rolbak, it does not only have to be used with in-ground goals.

The anchors are sand-filled and can be positioned for any shot.

The Goaliath, too, has a 90-day warranty. The best thing about this basketball return system is the price. It is the lowest we’ve seen so far.

5. SKLZ Shoot-Around Trainer

Now we’re moving on to kick-back basketball return systems that attach to the basketball net.

The first on our list is the SKLZ Shoot-Around Trainer because personally, I think it is the best of this type of returner on the market.

The SKLZ Shoot-Around product does not revolve on impact, eliminating the error and headache that can come with automatic revolvers.

But, the revolver is easy to turn, so you can increase your practice reps at certain positions, creating brain-to-muscle memory.

Other positives include the durability of the product and its ability to fit on any basketball net. It is also warranty-secured for 90 days.

6. SKLZ Kick-Out 360 Degree

The SKLZ Kick-Out 360 basketball return system is similar to the Shoot-Around Trainer, except it does revolve on impact. This is nice if you want to take shots around the court rather than in one place.

The system allows you to shoot from any direction and will return the ball to you based on where the ball contacts the basket.

This is a great idea, but often the design does not work correctly and the ball return goes wary.

Like all SKLZ products, the Kick-Out 360 Degree returner is made to last, so you’ll be guaranteed a quality product if you chose this one. Also, the chute can clip onto any basket.

7. Franklin Shoot Again

The Franklin Shoot Again Basketball returner makes the list as the coolest basketball return system.

This product is perfect for younger children. The battery-powered device comes with tons of fun features including authentic sounds from the game and an electronic clock and scoreboard.

The rim is spring loaded and the returner can be adjustedy to return balls from any direction.

A benefit to this option is it comes with the basket intact. ou don’t have to worry about purchasing a basketball goal and a returner.

The best part? It is the lowest-priced basketball returner on the list.

Which Basketball Return System Will You Choose?

There’s a basketball return product out there for all types of players. With these top seven, you’re sure to find something that will fit your needs and budget.

Once you’ve got your returner, check out all our tips to improve your game even further. We are your one-stop-shop for tips, training videos, reviews on all basketball-related products, and up-to-date basketball news.