Types of Materials for In-ground Basketball Hoops

Over the years, in-ground basketball hoops have evolved from the original basic wooden backboards to the now more sophisticated glass backboards. This means that when choosing the type of in-ground hoop to install; you will likely have a variety to choose from. The basic guidelines to consider when choosing are the available budget, desired durability, and nature of the game. Here are the most used materials for in-ground basketball hoops;


Wooden hoops have been used almost throughout the history of the sport. The main advantages of using wood are that it is locally available, very cheap and comparatively durable. Wood is also good for highly aggressive games. On the downside, it is opaque hence not recommendable for big games with fans sitting on platforms surrounding the court; wood also has a minimal rebound effect.


Molded plastic has been used to make basketball boards due to its relatively low price and ability to be molded into an even and smooth surface. However, it is susceptible to tear and wear hence not very good for aggressive games. It is also known to absorb the ball shock and therefore has zero rebound effect. Molded plastic boards are recommended for kids’ ball games.


These are boards made from synthetic fibers obtained from polymers. Their key advantages are clear, durable and very rigid for aggressive games. Compared to molded plastic it has a nice rebound effect. On the downside, it is relatively expensive.


These boards have similar attributes to the acrylic backboards but have a better quality. Made of polymers of carbonates they are more rigid and durable hence suitable for highly aggressive games. They also boast of a superior rebound effect compared to acrylic. Their only disadvantage is that they are more expensive than wood or molded plastic but on the same price range as acrylic.


These backboards are made of glass that has been toughened through chemical and thermal processes. They boast of the best rebounding effect and are transparent and clear for behind the court view. The fact that they can withstand the most aggressive play also adds up to their advantages. Tempered glass boards are the standard boards for NBA teams. Due to being the best in almost all their attributes means that they don’t come cheap. The tempered glass backboards are the most expensive in the market.

These five materials make up the most common materials in making in-ground basketball hoops to choose from.