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Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

If you have always dreamed of playing basketball for the NCAA, then you need a basketball that is incredible enough to help you achieve your goals. The Wilson NCAA Replica Game basketball is identical to the balls used in official NCAA games and gives you the same experience that your favorite players enjoy every time they hit the court. Here is a closer look at some of this basketball’s best features and why you should consider it for your next pick-up game.


The Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball is made to the highest quality standards. Your hands will never get too sweaty to hang on to the ball thanks to the moisture absorbing composite leather that covers the exterior. You’ll also love the Aqua Grip channels, which are in laid for better hold. This is a huge step up from the typical rubber channels you find on any average basketball. You’ll soon learn the right hand positioning to hit even the most difficult shots!

This basketball also has cushion core technology. That means it will feel lightweight and comfortable and have extra bounce. Wilson’s technology is top of the line and you will feel the difference from the first time you dribble this ball.

Consumers love this ball because it’s identical to the basketball used in NCAA men’s and women’s games. It’s highly durable and while it’s designed primarily for indoor play, it will hold up to plenty of games on the outdoor court too.


You’ll enjoy several advantages with the Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball:
• Aqua Grip rubber channels for maximum hold
• Highly durable
• Great bounce thanks to cushion core technology
• Moisture wicking cover
• Beautiful composite leather design
• Budget-friendly at under $30


While there aren’t a lot of negative things to mention about the Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, the Wilson logo feels a little slick and some players find that it interrupts the overall grip, especially when you are trying to make a difficult shot.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you prefer shallow channels, you might not like this ball. The channels are in laid and they are fairly deep. Some players complain that they feel almost like rigid corners. Overall, it’s probably a matter of what you’re used to so if you play with this basketball for a while, you will most likely adjust and get used to the feel.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball is a smart pick, especially if you have pro ambitions. You really can’t go wrong since it’s under $30 and you get Wilson’s signature Cushion Core technology, which makes this an incredible deal. Whether you’re a newbie baller or you spend hours on the court everyday, this basketball will be a good choice.