Women’s Basketball Shorts for 2021

Women’s basketball is a sport that’s been around since the late 1800s. It’s one of the few sports that’s grown alongside the men’s version. In 1976, women’s basketball was added as an official Olympic Games sport and in 1996 the National Basketball Association (NBA) formed the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

While most of the rules between men and women’s basketball are the same, one notable difference is the size of the ball. A standard size basketball used in the NBA is 29.5 inches in circumference, but in the WNBA it’s just 28.5 inches. It’s estimated that more than 26 million Americans play basketball either professionally or as a hobby, and more than a quarter are thought to be women.

Why basketball shorts? 

So, as you can see, women’s basketball is a very popular sport for women. Whether you play for fun or on a professional level, one thing that’s always a good idea to have is a decent pair of basketball shorts. There’s nothing worse than trying to run around the court in trousers that are too tight or shorts that are too restrictive. Both will hinder your chances of playing a decent game. Basketball shorts are specifically designed to be comfortable and allow you that extra movement. 

Women’s Basketball Shorts for 2021

Like with basketball shoes, all seasoned basketball players want the very best in terms of basketball uniforms—and this includes the team shorts. And it goes right down to the exact size, pockets, materials, fabric, and wear and tear. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to women’s basketball shorts, which can be very frustrating if you’re in a hurry. However, that’s where we come in. Luckily for you, we’ve taken the time to sift through a lot of these products to find what we believe to be the women’s basketball shorts available at the moment. If you are looking for 2021’s basketball shorts for women, read on:

Overall rating: 8.3/10

The Champro Clutch reigns supreme in most women’s basketball shorts reviews in 2021. These shorts are designed to give you optimum comfort when running and boost your confidence in the court- and they do this without being overly pricey.
The Champro Clutch shorts are made of Z-cloth 100% polyester fabric. They are lightweight and snag-resistant and has a silky smooth feel. They also have a covered elastic waistband with a draw cord, and the legs are double-needle hemmed.
Worth pointing out, these shorts have a 7 ½” inseam that comes to knee length for most 4-5ft women. Again, they are not see-through and don’t come with pockets.

Overall rating: 8.7/10

These women basketball shorts by Game Gear are another highly-rated option in the market this year. They come in all sizes ranging from x-small to 3x-large and in 6 different but incredible colors; red, white, navy, black, royal blue, and forest green. We reckon there’s a pair of shorts to interest anyone regardless of their size and color orientations.
The fact that the Game Gear Lacrosse PT-6477W-CB shorts are made right here in the USA speaks volumes about the quality of construction. They are made of 100% polyester and have an elastic waistband. Overall, they have a good amount of stretch and breathability, and they feel great even in hot weather.

Overall rating: 9.2/10

Our next recommendation might fit the bill if you’re looking for the most affordable basketball shorts women. These shorts by Alleson are made of 100% nylon dazzle cloth. The biggest advantage that this material offers is its lightweight feel and excellent breathability. These 2 features offer you a comfortable pair of shorts that lets you enjoy your practices without the shorts coming in the way.
The Alleson shorts are designed to go below the knee, and the inseam length varies depending on the waist size. There is a clear size chart on Amazon to guide you on sizing, though. They also have a 1 1/2″ covered elastic waistband plus an inside draw cord for a perfect fit.

Overall rating: 9.4/10

If you’re looking for basketball shorts for womens and you’d prefer something stylish, we recommend you to check out these from Adidas. The first thing that you’re going to notice on these shorts is the reflective Title IX print on the right. This offers a way of celebrating the involvement of women in gaming activities.
These shorts again have a vent on each side that allows you to move swiftly as you up your basketball skills. Moreover, the side seam zip pockets on these Adidas make them an excellent option if you’re on the hunt for the best womens basketball shorts with pockets.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

The Champion is another highly rated pair of shorts that you’ll encounter in most discussions of the best women basketball shorts 2021. These shorts are in the middle of the road in terms of length. They are neither too short nor too long. This is what makes them so popular with most basketball players.
The Champion Women’s Field Shorts are crafted from 100% polyester and have a mesh fabrication to boost ventilation. Also, they are slit on both sides, so they don’t impede your movements as you run.
Although they don’t have pockets, most people appreciate that these shorts are comfortable and fit well. Also, several users report that they wash well and always regain their near-new status after laundry.

Overall rating: ​10/10

Starter is a big name in the world of active sportswear, and what we have here are some of their best-rated basketball shorts womens. Similar to other shorts in these reviews, these shorts are made of 100% polyester.
The biggest difference is that these shorts have a mesh top ply and a soft liner that combine to give you a comfortable feel.
These shorts are available in 3 sizes; X-small, small, and medium and all of them have a drawstring closure to offer you a comfortable fit.
Lastly, if you prefer a pair of shorts with deep pockets for your small handheld items, Starter got your back with these shorts.

We hope you found this review useful about the best basketball shorts for women and are now one step closer to getting your next pair. Just remember that price doesn’t always indicate quality and there are plenty of great options available that look great, function well, and won’t cost a fortune.